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#1default Globe Prepaid load hack on Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:57 pm


How this works:

Well there are two ways that I know that somehow tells you that your load has been stolen / eaten, and in my opinion does work.

1st way – the easiest to know, check your balance, if you have just reloaded your account and after a few minutes to a couple of hours your prepaid load disappeared without doing anything then that load has been transferred to someone without your knowledge.

2nd way – you are not doing anything but you suddenly received a message that you have shared – a – load to a number. Yup! Even if you are or you are not registered.

Okay now, I know that you have been skimming for the way on how to Hack the Globe Prepaid Load or also known as Steal – a – load, so here it is:

On your handset go to menu > settings > phone settings > network selection / settings

Then there would be two choices Automatic and Manual

Choose Manual

Then there would be a couple of networks that would be listed there, choose Smart Gold and you’ll get an error saying “No Network Access”

Do that for around 5 times, don’t mind the error.

Then after that, check your balance only ONCE.

Simple as that!

I know that this should be top secret but not anymore!

Did it work for me? Well, uhm, yeah, I was surprised on how I did do it, but it worked the very first time I did it. Napamura pa nga ako kasi bigla nagkaload eh zero siya nung una kong chineck.

How much did you get? It’s a bit hilarious but, only 16 pesos. Haha. Well maybe because I did it here at home and not on a crowded place.

How can we protect ourselves from this? Well if there is a flaw there is a way to temporarily fix it. To be able to be protected by it, you must put a password on your share – a – load registration or if you are already registered, turn the password protection for share – a – load ON.

I have already filed a complaint back then on Globe but it seem that they were turning a blind eye and having deaf ears regarding this exploit that people abuse. Well if they don’t want to fix it, then don’t, fixing it or not, it’s still a win – win situation for use Globe subscribers.

There may be other people who would be mad about exposing this method, but still some would be glad to know how to do this.

Even if I would hide this soon, others would still expose this, so as for me, I should better share it to everyone. Hindi naman ako madamot eh. Wag lang ako ang kukunan niyo ng load.

:cheers: Happy steal – a – loading. Hope this glitch works for you. :cheers:

#2default Re: Globe Prepaid load hack on Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:27 pm



sir d ko po mapagana T_T

#3default Re: Globe Prepaid load hack on Sat Oct 29, 2011 8:09 am



i think this will not work...

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