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A. Ad-Aware Free (For Windows) -:
The latest version of this software have new technology that looks for malware patterns to ID threats , and an ultra-simple mode to handle problems
automatically before you need to worry.
Download (Free Version)

B. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition-:
This software is for keeping your system clean rather than rooting out problems. It works great even when Windows system is in Safe Mode.

C. Microsoft Security Essentials :-
Most of the harmful codes are made for Windows so Microsoft releases its own small free security tool called Microsoft Security Essentials. This is not great protection, but it’s better
than nothing. It works with Windows and it is available in 25 languages.

D. Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition-:
It is one of the best free anti-malware software because of its good reason.50% of detection action happens in the cloud (over the internet) so you are not downloading oversized update files anymore. I.e. there is no update button. It is most high rated free antivirus software available.

2. AUDIO-:

A. Audacity-:
This open-source tool gives the bar for what you can do with audio for free. It can record anything you play on your computer and edit it in ways you cannot conceive of until you start
playing around. Limitations, such as no native MP3 export, are overcome by free
plug-ins. Audacity is a tool that gives you podcast or mix music on the cheap.

B. Foobar2000-:
Its extensive set of additional components ensures a smooth process for working with compressed files, burning CDs, and even adding Dolby 5.1 surround-sound support when you listen through headphones.

C. MP3 Skype Recorder -:
This software records Skype calls to MP3 format and it does record it in incredibly well. It has capability to save the call as mono or stereo tracks, with an adjustable bit rate. There are no time limits or file size limitations. It even records Skype Out calls to regular phones or conference calls with multiple people.


A. DriveImage XML-:
It is free for private use. This utility makes full “images” of your drives or partitions that are stored in XML format. So you can still access data on them. It has a number of command-line parameters for power users and its work greatly with Windows XP to 7.

B. DriveMax -:
It is backup software that backup your drivers file and restore when you need them. It works with XP and 7 both 32 and 64 bit.

C. Dropbox-:
It is best back-up and synchronization service available for computer. It is epitome of a set-it-up
and let-it-go service. Install it on any desktop or laptop computer and all the files in your Dropbox folder appear on all systems or on a friend’s if you share a folder). You can use 2GB free online and you can access that data from your Iphone or from the WEB also.

D. MozyHome Online Backup-:
It allows you to upload big files that need protection in background so that you can do other things. You get up to 2GB free. If you need more then you can pay subscription fee.

E. Windows Live SkyDrive-:
2 GB is fine for documents but not so much enough for everything you have got. Let’s have seriousness about free space. Microsoft’s Live SkyDrive online storage delivers 25 GB- free which is unavailable in other Backup service. You must keep to no more than 50 MB per
Try It.


This is the site where you are itching to get your daily thoughts out to the world. It hosts your own blog and gives you fully control settings. You can pay some bucks if you need more space or even more control (e.g. CSS Modification).
Try It

B. Windows Live Writer-:
I think every blogger want a word processor that’s specially design so that they automatically post their article in top blogging platform like Type pad, Word Press, Movable Type, Live Journal , BlogSpot and others. The new version of Writer offers enhancements for sharing images with cropping and tilting pictures in the fly, creating albums features. Auto-publish video to sites like You-Tube, Plug-ins integrates Writer with sites such as Digg,
Flicker and Twitter.

C. BlogSpot-:
It is the most used blogging platform in web. It is owned by Google. So it has more features than otherblogging service.
Try It

D. Posterous-:
For newbie or experienced blogger this Posterous be the easiest way to get started with a new blog, podcast, or sharing site. Your blog/website is host by Posterous where you can
post just about anything, from your deepest thoughts to most types of digital
media like video or audio.
Try It

You can stream video live with if you have webcam or some compatible screen-casting software with good internet connection. This one is recommended for live video broadcasting. Even though its video quality is so much good but being able to build up a fan
base this way is priceless.
Try it


A. Firefox-:
You have no any words to describe Mozilla Products. They always give new and more innovative product like Firefox. This browser is recommended in desktop browsing.
Download Latest Version

B. Maxthon-:
It introduced the idea of tabs first. It can support Windows 7 features, like multi touch. It has features like RSS reader and ad blocker, as well as supports for plug-ins and skins.
Download latest Version

C. Opera-:
With new JavaScript engine “Carakan” and a new graphics library “Vega” Opera claims to be ‘The Fastest Browser on the Planet’.
Download latest Opera.

D. Google Chrome-:
Chrome is coming behind Firefox to usurp the throne of Firefox. Although it does not have a big library of extensions, but couple what it has with incredible speed.

Download Latest Version


A. 30 Boxes-:
This Web Calendar is 100 % looks like Calendar in your home room. You never have confused using 30 boxes, even in the months with 31 or 28 boxes.
Try It

B. Google Calendar-:
Google Calendar is Google online apps that display your schedule any way you want.
Try It

C. Lighting-:
It is product of Mozilla labs which is technically an extension for thunderbird e-mail software. It provides full calendaring supports with a task list. You can even sync it with your Google Calendar.

D. Remember The Milk-:
You never want to forget anything like Milk, or anything else. This cloud-based task manager will make sure your to-do lists are easily managed and even accessible via a variety of smart phones like iPhone, Android, Blackberry and even through other web services, like Google.
Try It


A. Dimdim -:
Check out Dimdim if you want to hold an online conference with people in far-flung places. It allows you to schedule online meetings for up to 20 people and no need for install software.
Try It

B. Skype-:
Nowadays Skype means VOIP services with one-on-one free video conferencing. It offers PC-to-Pc communication totally free and can be used even in smart phones as well. It is so big that whole phone systems have been built to use its backbone. You can pay some money if you want call to landline phones, or voice mail. But this is also very cheap, everyone can afford it.

C. TokBox-:
Using it you can chat up to 20 people simultaneously via webcams. This video-based phone service also ties into your existing IM accounts to find others users. Installable applications
is also available if you did not to use Web based TokBox.

8. E-MAIL-:

A. Gmail -:

It is free email service from Google. It lives in the cloud; it continues to innovate via the Gmail Labs experiments. Google made sure every session is secure, and maybe most remarkably, it is no longer in beta.
Try It

B. VoxOx-:
This is the tool that does everything for you. Because it integrates with a wide variety of services and software like voice calls, SMS text messages, file sharing, email, and even faxing. You may have pay for some calls, but the charge is minor. It even has new digital personal assistant and on-the-fly translation of text.

C. Thunderbird-:
It is best E-mail client service available from Mozilla. It is alternative to Outlook since many years. Just like in Firefox it has Mozilla’s e-mail and RSS news reader features.


A. FileZilla-:
It is not product of Firefox. It is free FTP client software blossomed into an open-source staple.

B. RightLoad-:
It is small FTP client that sends files directly to pre-configured servers, with a simple right click. It allows you quickly throw images into Facebook and Flickr.

C. Utorrent-:
It is the best and most used Bit Torrent client because half the protocol’s users prefer it. It is super small, super fast and gives you all controls you need to manage the bandwidth it uses.


A. FoxIt Reader-:
Adobe is not needed to read Acrobat file. It is long time popular PDF reader that is popular for having no bloat. It allows you to annotate a file, or convert all of a PDF’s text directly to a TXT format file.

B. IrfanView-:It is all about viewing and converting graphics files. It is about 1.3 MB tools that include some editing and annotation capabilities.

C. Xplorer2Lite-:
Do you want to replace nagging Windows Explorer then Xplorer2Lite is best answer for you. It adds folder comparison/synchronization, previews of certain file type (like TXT and RTF), and a text editor of its own.

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