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#1default How to backup Windows XP ? on Sun Dec 04, 2011 3:23 pm


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Windows XP Professional comes equipped with its own backup tool. While
there are many 3rd party software that will perform this operation too,
Windows XP's is just fine. If you are a Windows XP Home user, follow the
steps outlined below.

>>Installing Windows Backup Utility in Windows XP Home Edition:

1. Insert the Windows XP Installation CD in to your CD drive.

2. Select "Perform Additional Tasks" from the XP Welcome screen.

3. Select, "Browse this CD".

4. You will now be taken in to Windows Explorer. From here, you will
need to double click on the following folders: ValueAdd>>
Msft>> Ntbackup.

5. With the Ntbackup folder open, double click the file titled: Ntbackup.msi

The Windows XP Backup Utility will now be installed on to your Windows Application.

>>Using Windows XP Backup Utility:

access the Windows XP Backup Utility, go to Start>> All
Programs>> Accessories>> System Tools>> Backup.

Or- you can simply go to Start>> Run. Type in: ntback [Enter] or click OK.

you've started the Backup Wizard you will be taken to an opening page.
Just select Next here and then select "Backup Files and Settings" from
the following page and then click Next again. You should now be at the
"Backup or Restore Wizard. Here, you are faced with a few choices of
what you would like to backup. the choices are:

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