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Para sa mga may existing na Connectify (free version) na nais mag-upgrade to PRO, ito ang para sa inyo!


1. Download the attachment. (Connectify PRO [Patch].rar)
2. Unpack the patch file (.exe) using WinRAR.
3. Copy and paste it to the Connectify installation directory. (default location would be C:/Program Files/Connectify)
4. Run the patch. ("Run as administrator" if needed)
5. Your Connectify version should now be recognized as PRO version.

*Sa mga wala pang Connectify at gustong subukan ito, kunin niyo po sa kahit alin mang paraang sumusunod:

A. Official website, pumunta po lamang DITO.
B. MediaFire (pw: JSMIII)
C. Attachment sa ibaba (4-part RAR file)

D E S C R I P T I O N (as described on official website)


What is Connectify?
Connectify is an easy to use software router for Windows computers. Users can wirelessly and securely share any Internet connection: a cable modem, cellular card, even another Wi-Fi network with other Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smart phones, laptops, and gaming systems.


Take practically any Internet connection and share it wirelessly with no additional hardware, wires, plugs, or chargers
Easily connect any number of Wi-Fi enabled devices to your Connectify Hotspot

LITE (Free) vs. PRO (Paid):

Automatic Internet Selection: Connectify intelligently chooses which Internet connection to share! When set to “Automatic,” Connectify automatically detects your active Internet connection and makes necessary configuration changes to your Hotspot.
Service Discovery: In the all-new Services tab, Connectify will automatically scan your network for available shared folders or drives, web servers, and other remote services and provide you with options to easily connect.
Fully Customizable SSID: Name your hotspot whatever you want! The free version requires your hotspot name to start with “Connectify-”
Support for Windows XP and Windows Vista: Ad-Hoc Mode only
No Advertising

***LATEST RELEASE: Connectify v3.1.0.21402***

So what's new in this latest version/release?

Easy firewall control for Pro users: Once you start your hotspot, there are two simple checkboxes to control whether you allow the clients Internet Access and whether you allow them Local Access. Local Access controls whether they can connect to each other, and your computer.
Detect Wi-Fi Off: Connectify now detects and warns you if the wireless has been switched off (airplane mode) on your computer.
Input Validation: Connectify now validates your inputs as you type. This really simplifies dealing with confusing fields such as WEP passwords which may only be exactly 5, 10 or 26 characters. If finding a valid password frustrated you, you’re not alone, think you’ll find this release much friendlier.
Conflict Detection, Part 1: It has become clear that most of the “bugs” that users have reported on Connectify 3.0 are actually other badly behaving software interfering with the operation of Connectify. For the two most egregious offenders, SonicWALL VPN and Comodo Firewall, Connectify now refuses to even install while they are on your system.
Conflict Detection, Part 2: When you Submit Error Report, more information about firewalls and antivirus are sent back to Connectify support. We hope that this will allow us to debug other conflicts much faster.
Help Menu: We tried to make the items in the Help menu clearer about what they do. We also put the items from the Help menu right in to Connectify folder on the Start Menu to make them easier to reach should you have an issue.
Improved Troubleshooter: The Troubleshooter has been improved, it no longer tells you about the many things that are working fine, and just focuses on the problems. It also gives better descriptions and links into our online support system.
More Icons: Updated vendor database with more companies and icons for Clients
Improved Installer: Many small improvements to the installer. Should lead to less reboots; also Connectify and the installer refuse to continue if a reboot was required, until such time as you reboot.
Data in ProgramData: The Connectify Service now stores its data and logs in the system’s ProgramData folder (usually c:\ProgramData\Connectify), instead of the folder in Program Files.
Bug fixes and more logging

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