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Mobile StrongBOX - Mobile StrongBOX is
designed to transform mobile devices into a very
powerful mobile strongbox and to ensure
content''s safety of devices running Symbian OS
(including latest Symbian^3 devices). The
application uses a strong public-key crypto-
system that is optimized for mobile phones.
Mobile StrongBOX uses strong 256-bit AES
(Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for
data and 1024-bit RSA encryption for keys. All
cryptographic operations are performed using
standard NOKIA libraries to ensure there are no
security gaps or backdoors. Any kind of
information can be secured with Mobile
StrongBOX. It does not only protect your data
but also helps you if you have many things to
memorize like passwords and credit card PINs.
With Mobile StrongBOX you will not have to
worry about these things any more! Storing
passwords, PINs, credit cards info, membership,
login credentials etc. is now very easy and safe.
SMS-es, MMS-es, files and folders can also be
added to strongbox, keeping the hierarchical
structure of folders(for example you can encrypt
your private photos and videos so no one else
can view them). Other developers offer some of
these features in 2 or 3 different products, with
Mobile StrongBOX you have them all in a single
one, all data in a single secure place. Key features:
256 AES + 1024 RSA, user-friendly interface, fully
customizable templates(add/remove/rename/
move fields), multiple files/folders import/export
in one operation, no export needed to view the
files(view them directly from strongbox), secure
erasing of imported files ( if user wants to), copy/
paste,arrange items however you like with move
function, search function, auto-lock, multiple
strongboxes, import data from CSV files, backup/
restore, trash. (and still to come) With Mobile
StrongBOX you have your private information in
your pocket anywhere, ON-THE-GO.

supported all s60v3-v5 edition


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