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Really Big Sky v2.30 THETA (Full Rip/2011)
PC | 2011 | Publisher & Developer: Boss Baddie | 102.93 MB
Genre: Shoot Em Up

REALLYBIG SKY! A super fast, twin analogue shooter for the modern age! ReallyBig Sky is a sequel to the original Big Sky (2010).
Way over in thebig void of space live some aliens. They coveted [your planet] and woulddo anything to live there themselves. So whats [your planet] to doYeah, blast through them all! Face off against waves of enemies, bosses,big laser planets, blackholes, wormholes, giant lasers, planets andasteroids across 7 game modes!

Everything is procedurally generatedfrom the way YOU play the game, from attack patterns, strength of bossesand enemies, pacing between waves, generosity of bonuses... etc!Features a comprehensive statistics to let you hone your mad laserskills!

10 Juicy, full fat Game Modes
4 giant, dynamic Bosses and 17 enemies
4 Player Co op with scalable difficulty
18 Powerups, Perk System, New Weapons and the Friendly Mothership
20 Achievements
Super massive lasers Good and Bad!
Narration from a cheeky cockney AI
Full Tutorial and Xbox 360 controller (or compatible) support
Library and Secret Unlocks
Smash through solid planets and asteroids cruise through gas giants
Comprehensive stat recording system
Fast, adaptive and addictive gameplay
Blackhole, Wormhole and loads more new Events
Multiple gameplay altering Cascade Events

Massive amounts of graphic and memory optimisations
New Mode NAKED Classic without a shop, for the highscore go getters
New Mode REMIX Jumps between modes
New Item Pandora Box alters the flow of time
Co op play now enabled with a Keyboard+Mouse and controller (max of 4 players still)
New Bullet Core enemy (rare and only on higher difficulties)
New event Orb Rain
New Firewall enemy
New event Firewall Pulse
Lowered required difficulty level for Cascade events
Adjusted the difficulty calculator
Difficulty automatically rises very slowly
Shield impact zone smaller
Increased amount of arrow drops slightly
Cancel now applies to Jukebox songs on the options screen
NIGHTMARE MODE unlocks on difficulty 5, not 6
PACIFISM MODE unlocks after beating a Spike Cascade
BOSS RUSH MODE no longer required to beat all bosses in 1 round
Wipe graph data by holding Del on the stats page
PACIFISM MODE difficulty increases faster
Switch between High Score and High Distance on the Stats page graph
Lowered the maximum speed for Boomers
PACIFISM MODE enabled Hell Cascade, increased appearence rate of Spike Cascade
Added more effects to Boss 4
Brightened Wormhole speed effect
Slowed down Blob growth speed and growth delay
Added new attack patterns to Boss 3 on higher difficulties
Added notifications to Score, Stats and Library pages
Fixed a bug where controllers couldnt be selected on new saves (could still be selected on the options screen)
Fixed a bug where the drilling sound could play during a Wormhole
During Hell Cascade, Homers will light up
Reduced amount of ring effects in Spike Cascade
Fixed a bug where it could generate 2 wormholes
Wormhole now has a larger range of positions
New Cascade tracks for Retro Mode
RETRO MODE Difficulty also slowly increases
Halved movement speed for Boss 3
Warp Speed is now faster
New animation for Boss 1
Removed all distortion shaders from Retro Mode
Claymore mines more visible
Fixed a bug where boss notification pieces wouldnt show up before Boss 4
Fixed a bug where motion blur effect wouldnt display
Increased amount of distortion shaders
Increased amount of particle effects
Added health indicators to Boss 1, 3 and 4
Fixed a bug that caused Boss 3s health to vary from its formula boundaries
New narrations across the board!
New attack for Boss 3
Added claymore mine launch sound
Increased deadzone for controllers
Wormholes now appear behind all other foreground objects and are slightly more transparent
Regular enemies are now destroyed when you lose a life in Arcade Mode
enemy HP formula reduced by 75
Fixed some colour issues with Player 4s ship and weapons
Some enemies spawn amounts halved during cascade events
New library entries for the new features
Shortened Cascade events
Lowered Pacifism multiplier
Fixed a bug with the Nothing counter which caused strings of wormholes
Fixed a bug with one of the Retro shaders
Randomised Boss 4s attack pattern count
Aim deadzone increased for controllers
Fixed a sound bug during Cascade events
Increased the amount of inertia on lasers
Massive changes to enemy generation formula
Fixed the High Scorer achievement to support the new game modes
Upgrade lasers fully recharged when drilling
Fixed a boss exploit
Fixed alignment bug with Universe Name blur
Added shield damage effect and vibration
Player hitbox now only 1px by 1px
Enemy lasers destroy claymore mines now
Hell Cascade and Fat enemy laser amount affected by difficulty
Altered Main Menu repeat scrolling
Co op ships now fly in like Player 1 does
Increased aim accuracy with controllers
Fixed a bug that pretty much forced the game to run at 720p. Other resolutions work now, added 1080p too
Enemy lasers destroyed when blackhole appears

System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7
DirectX 9c
1.5 GHz
512 MB RAM

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