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Uniblue PowerSuite Review

Uniblue PowerSuite combines Uniblue's SpeedUpMyPC, RegistryBooster and DriverScanner, which are also available individually, into one PC system utilities application. Each part of this application stands on its own rather than serving as part of a single application with features that work together to help improve the performance of your system; Uniblue PowerSuite essentially serves as a shortcut. As a result, you’re missing important features for repairing your hard drive, optimizing your memory and recovering data. On the other hand, the features in this PC system utilities application are useful and it’s nice to have them all in one place.

Uniblue PowerSuite PC system utilities have excellent management options for the application as a whole and for each feature specifically. In the main screen of this application, you’re presented with an overview of the most recent scan results from Registry Booster, SpeedUpMyPC and Driver Scanner. On the right side of the screen, there’s a running tally of how many registry errors you’ve cleaned, speed issues you’ve fixed and drivers you’ve updated. You can also schedule for each feature to perform scans at different intervals.

DriverScanner is a superb driver update feature that functions as an integral part of Uniblue PowerSuite. This application searches your computer and notifies you of any outdated drivers. If a driver is outdated, DriverScanner will find the newest versions of the driver available and make them available to download. All of the driver updates are fast, secure and we were pleased to see that with just one click, we could download the newest version available.

RegistryBooster is a top of the line registry repairing tool. It scans your registry looking for errors specific to your Windows account. Once any errors have been found, RegistryBooster will work to fix the problems and clean your computer's registry. This section of the software was simple to follow and provided a user-friendly interface, which we were pleased to see, especially with such an advanced tool.

RegistryBooster does a superb job of defragmenting the registry as well. This PC system utilities application’s registry defragmenter takes more time than similar tools and requires you restart your computer when it’s finished. This feature is strange, though, because it doesn’t tell you what it’s doing. While other registry defragmenters specify what parts of the registry they’re defragmenting, this feature just says it’s defragmenting the registry. It would be easier for users to recover from disaster after defragmenting the registry if they knew what was being done to it.

SpeedUpMyPC performs a series of system tweaks, uses speed tools and deletes junk files to improve the speed of your system. This feature is perhaps the most intricate and effective feature in Uniblue PowerSuite. The system tweaks section adjusts system settings and Windows services, going deeper than this PC system utilities application’s other features. When we implemented the changes this feature recommended, we noticed a significant improvement in our system’s performance.

Ease of Use:
Uniblue PowerSuite has easy-to-use features, but its interface is a little disjointed. The main screen for this application is essentially a portal to the other features in this application. You can’t switch from one feature to another without the first closing the current feature and returning to the main screen. This PC system utilities application would he much easier to use if you were able to move freely through it.

Help & Support:
Uniblue provides you with product manuals and a frequently asked questions section for every part of this PC system utilities application. You’re bound to find more information in the user manuals than the frequently asked questions sections, though. If you can’t find your answer in either one of these resources, you can submit a support ticket to one of their customer service representatives.

Uniblue PowerSuite is a strong PC system utilities application if you analyze each of its parts individually, but when you zoom out and look at the application as a whole, it doesn’t look quite as strong because it only has features for repairing the registry, optimizing your system and updating device drivers. Our favorite feature was SpeedUpMyPC because it provides you with solid tools for making your computer run faster. RegistryBooster and DriverScanner are solid features in their own right. However, additional features like memory optimization and data recovery would really add value to this application’s feature set.

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