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Breeze Systems PSRemote 2.2.1 | 5.9 Mb

The leading application for controlling Canon PowerShot cameras from a Windows PC. It gives a high degree of control over the camera and includes a live viewfinder display allowing the camera to be operated up to 5m (16 feet) from the computer using a standard USB cable.

PSRemote is designed for all Canon PowerShot cameras that support remote capture including the G10, G9, G7, SX110 IS, SX100 IS, S5 IS, A640, S80, Pro1, G6, S3 IS, S2 IS, S70, A620, A520 and many other cameras.

PSRemote enables Canon PowerShot camera users to:

Control the camera from a Windows PC
Operate the camera from a distance and in inaccessible locations
Take photo booth style sequences of photos and print them out automatically
See live viewfinder display on PC screen
See large high resolution previews of shots on the PC within seconds
Take better product shots for eBay and other online auctions/stores
Improve exposure control in tricky lighting conditions
Gain unrivalled control of camera settings in tethered operation
Create time lapse sequences over short or extended periods
Use motion detection to automatically take pictures for wildlife photography and security applications (requires Webcam Zone Trigger which must be purchased separately).


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