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The software to do everything you want with your photos
Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 offers a perfect blend of features to manage, edit, submit and optimize your digital photos.
The program provides a quick and easy management of your collection of photos including options for creating groups, image tags and put them together into virtual albums. Assign, for example, the name of the destination of their last trip (tag) to the holiday photos. This allows you to find later all the pictures he took at the destination very quickly.

Be creative and edit your digital photos according to your tastes. Optimize photos with one click, remove red eye or use different effects such as color changes when you edit your image. Turn your pictures more beautiful oil paintings, create a calendar with your own photos or a personal invitation to a fun picture of your last party.

Naturally, the version 9 of Ashampoo Photo Commander offers many new features and improvements. Among other features is the new way of viewing an original photo DualPad compare with the picture being edited. Additionally, optimization tools and video features have been improved, they have added new effects and much more.
When working with your digital photos will not want to do it without Ashampoo Photo Commander 9.

More fun with your digital photos
Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 is the ideal companion for all types of process management, optimization and issue that has to do with your digital photos. The thumbnail view in the user interface allows an overview of your collection of photos or pictures in a folder. Of course you can sort your photos according to the date and time they were taken or you can filter the pictures according to different criteria, eg., Only. Jpg files, not older than two months or labeled with a term.
Not only photos but also audio and video collections are quite neatly. Photos can be grouped in different ways or compile in a virtual album for editing later. Batch processing is allowed to select multiple photos to edit, eg., To convert to a different format
The editing modes and fast set-Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 are designed in a clear and intuitive so you can unleash your creativity and experiment with effects and features. It is easy to rotate photos, adjust the horizontal misalignment, crop images, remove red eye and more. With one click you can optimize or change photos using effects, eg., Invest, pixelization or emphasize contours.
Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 also offers several features to deliver stunning photos. Creating such a presentation or an HTML album to show pictures to family and friends. Soon you can easily create collages and greeting cards or calendars.
Moreover, Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 can capture screens, scan photos and print them, send them by e-mail or burn a disc.

New features and enhancements
Version 9 of Ashampoo Photo Commander comes with many new features and improvements. The new grouping functions provide a better overview and management of photos. The dual view mode allows direct comparison between the original and the edited photo. With the help of the wizard is easy indexing IPTC photos with terms (labels) to be filtered and grouped according to those terms. Several new editing tools, functions and effects to photos and videos as well as extensive enhancements make the editing, optimization and digital photo organization and management of video and audio files easier than ever.

New features and enhancements in detail

Extended Interface
Vision improved thumbnails grouping functions
When importing photos can be placed in subfolders created automatically based on the information (EXIF data) "date of capture"
Labelling and improved IPTC support
The virtual albums are imported and exported quickly and easily
M3U files are automatically imported and MFAList as albums
Improved Fast set-mode with automatic red eye, improved eraser tool and more
Dual view mode to compare photos when editing
New miniature effect to transform the pictures and thumbnails appear
New blur and sharpen effects for use in different areas of the program
New edit mode improved to
Enhanced Playback of videos, especially HD video format MPEG4
Video files can be easily rotated during playback
Enhanced service for calendars, collages and batch processing
Touch screen support for Windows 7
Easy import and export of data into a single program file.

System Requirements

Operating System:
Windows ®️ XP, Windows Vista ®️, Windows ®️ 7
For Windows ®️ XP Service Pack 2 is recommended or later.

Any computer that runs one of the above operating systems. You need a graphics card with a resolution of at
least 1024 x 768. In addition, the program needs a mouse or
compatible device and an optional CD / DVD for the production of CDs and DVDs Photos Photos.

RAM and disk space:
Min 256 MB RAM, Hard Disk Space 160 MB

To send files by e-mail requires a MAPI-compliant email as MS Outlook,
MS Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird.

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