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SoftMaker Office is the new version comes a room that converts from a rabbit ADDING years and has turned itself in direct competition with Microsoft Office. One of its salient features is the speed at which shows and work on documents without UP TO 50% faster than other applications.
Also SoftMaker Office itself becomes attractive because the cost of your license in case of obtaining a copy restrictions sin, plenty of Economic and United Nations Office Support With just as good.
SoftMaker Office UN has the rich text editor, spreadsheet, presentations and manager of Fully compatible with standard format, with the particularity of being able to export the documents in PDF format. Remember a nn interface Other Older versions of Office and Tools With a view in a Time of grouped.

Compatible: Microsoft Office, OpenDocument and MANY more.
When you receive documents from friends or coworkers, I just want to edit them with your office suite. In most of the time, these files are in Microsoft Word format (. Doc) or Excel (. Xls). For ESO TextMaker and PlanMaker read and write these formats with the highest fidelity. You CAN until you establish in TextMaker and PlanMaker Standard Type Your Files "Word" and "Excel" para tener Never again worry about exchanging your files!
PlanMaker Comment about: "You will not find free spreadsheet Excel More compatible with any operating system" and InfoSyncWorld comment on TextMaker: "Perhaps the most appreciated feature sea the ability to word files Word Conversions of return loss and sin No, this sin Also worked in All Our Problems Word documents, perfectly formatted and ITS with footnotes. "
Also TextMaker supports open standard OpenDocument paragraph, making it compatible with In addition, SoftMaker Office Documents Export, Spreadsheet and Presentations in PDF format. These files You Can be viewed and printed with Adobe Reader or other PDF viewer with.

Fast: No one likes to wait.
Nobody likes to wait. You should not wait for receiver experienced slow UN office software, period! SoftMaker Office Starts amazingly fast, amazingly fast and works amazingly fast calculations. While the competition still tallies up the total, Your document is now ready!
But SoftMaker Office is not alone but also overwhelmingly fast Also has minimum hardware requirements. Even on computers with Windows 2000 Past-Forward-SoftMaker Office is the CALL Care.
So You Can Install SoftMaker Office and United Nations USB nightclub. ESAs way, always have your office suite with you, ready Taking action paragraph.

Reliable: Does what you expect.
Nothing is troublesome More than a suite of offices that do not do what it does mean. The German magazine ct Computer has released some horror stories about word processors More costly.
In contrast, SoftMaker Office is renowned for their very reliably in Situations of Your Store: Do not be shocked or by the most extensive documents, or by more complex calculations.

Economic: Costs only fraction of the free Microsoft Office.
?‚? 69.95: No need to pay more for an office suite With all the features and high performance. SoftMaker Office Start a USE and serums you more productive immediately!

System Requirements

SoftMaker Office 2012 for Windows can be used with:

Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Also runs on application servers such as Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Terminal Server.

The memory requirements
The size of the PCs main memory is irrelevant to SoftMaker Office. If you have enough memory to run Windows, SoftMaker Office will work perfectly.

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