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#1default TrustPort Tools 2012 | 14 Mb on Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:43 am


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The decision TrustPort Tools to protect confidential documents enables encryption of files and disks, multiuser access profiles, permanently delete and clean up your system from unwanted data.

TrustPort Tools - solution for protecting confidential documents. Ideal for businesses and individuals who want to supplement their antivirus solutions by means of data protection.

TrustPort Tools contains modules for offline and online data encryption, and also enables you to permanently delete sensitive data without possibility to restore them.

The main features of TrustPort Tools 2012:

* Encrypt archives;
* disk encryption;
* multi-user access profiles;
* permanently delete data (shredding);
* cleaning system from unnecessary data (system cleanup).

TrustPort Tools is modular software and provides two methods of data encryption.

Another important feature is the availability of full data removal module (TrustPort DataShredder). Proposes 8 different ways to delete data. The user can choose the required option, depending on the degree of confidentiality of documents. The default method of triple overwrite.

With this solution you can quickly and safely remove temporary files, history of surfing the Internet, the contents of the Recycle Bin.

TrustPort Tools compatible with various antivirus software and will provide additional data protection for home and business users.


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