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#1default Lunascape 6.0 ORION (ANG ASTIG NA WEB BROWSER) on Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:36 pm


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Triple Engine, Triple Add-on, and Beyond

On top of the Triple Engine, we now support Triple Add-ons and provide you with more advanced yet easy-to-use interfaces. We consider this as an important step towards the unified browsing platform. With Lunascape, you can have all you need to interact with the Web in a single platform that is personalized just for you.

Compatible with Firefox Add-ons

Lunascape is a feature-rich browser that you will find most of what you want without messing with add-ons. However, there are always more and we are open to bring in good stuff. Due to popular request, Lunascape is now compatible with the vast array of Firefox add-ons. You can use them seamlessly with Lunascape's gecko engine, in addition to the already available IE add-ons and Lunascape plug-ins.
For the list of currently incompatible Firefox add-ons

Quick and Easy Add-on Transfer from Firefox

Do you already have a lot of Firefox add-ons? No problem. Just follow the simple wizard, and voila, you get all of your Firefox 3.x add-ons into Lunascape 6.

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