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Once Upon A Knight - FLT (Full ISO/2003)
PC | 2003 | Publisher: Atari | Developer: Reality Pump | 1.36 GB
Genre : RPG

Once Upon A Knight is a hybrid of the RPG and the RTS genre. The singleplayer RTS part consists of three campaigns in a fantasy setting. During the campaigns you characters gather items develop skills and can level their stats to gain new abilities.
In the RPG mode you can explore a larger selection of maps quests actions and enemies. This mode features improved character development with new skills and the ability to hire new characters or trade items.
The far off long ago fairy tale kingdom of Prince John is a land troubled by the despicable lord Valtamand. The prince who is naturally all things good and honorable was kidnapped by Valtamand and that predictable premise sets up both a series of RPG scenarios in which a single adventurer attempts to free him and a real time strategy campaign that has you controlling the prince in his effort to regain power after escaping. The modes are completely distinct like two thematically similar games that happen to share the same look monsters and control scheme and if the long campaigns dont happen to offer enough material theres multiplayer support for both.
After navigating all these options at the main menu youll find that the real time strategy campaign has the most to offer which isnt surprising given Reality Pumps background as the creator of the Earth 2150 series. The main gimmick is that the games economy is based on milk produced by grazing cows and for some reason this is supposed to embody the games overall humor. In reality it takes quite some time for the campaign to even work up to a typical base building mission as the early chapters predominantly focus on quests for items and puzzles that most often involve searching the map sometimes above and below ground for buttons to open gates. There are usually enough hints in the in engine cutscenes or the goal list so that the quests are incredibly straightforward and marks often appear on the minimap to make things even clearer.
Minimum System Requirements
System: 733MHz or equivalent
RAM: 128 MB
Video Memory: 32 MB
Other: T&L is required
Recommended System Requirements
System: 1.2GHz or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
Video Memory: 64 MB

Download it here:

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