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This is IDM version 6.07 Build 8 (Aug/08/2011) Full version. This is the latest version of IDM per their official website (Aug 17, 2011).

Note: To those new to IDM, be warned that the installation process WILL ASK YOU TO REBOOT your PC. Rebooting is necessary for the patch to work. Save your work before proceeding with the installation.

Note: I did a virus scan and found no viruses on this file. I used an updated AVAST anti-virus.

after installing the file? Naencounter ko yang error na yan. It will happen kung meron kayong working IDM na nakainstall sa PC nyo. What you do is just close IDM and proceed with step 6.

Note: I installed 6.07 on my own PC without uninstaling 6.06, I encountered the error above pero it works like a charm. Just follow the steps below. If you want, you may uninstall your current version then proceed with the installing the 6.07. It all depends on you.

Here's what you do to install IDM 6.07 Build 8:
Unzip "FOLDER8" (link at the end of this walk-through) and locate "idman607.exe"
Double-click "idman607.exe" to install the program. After successfully installing IDM, proceed with the next step.
Make sure IDM is NOT RUNNING. Check the system tray or bring up the Task Manager to be sure.
When you are sure as hell that IDM is not running in the background, go to "FOLDER8" and open the "SND" folder and look for "SnDk&p.exe"
Run "SnDk&p.exe" (Seek N Destroy patcher will appear)
Look for "Patch Server Check" and click it.
Look for and copy the "Serial" that you will see sa lower bottom ng SeekNDestroy patcher.
Exit the patcher and run IDM. The registration box will appear.
Use any name and lastname pero make sure the email field is in the CORRECT format.Put the serial you got from "SnDk&p.exe".
Smile. Tapos na.
CONGRATULATIONS. Up-to-date na yung IDM nyo sa LATEST release. To make sure, run nyo lang yung IDM and check the version by going to "Help > About IDM" Enjoy

Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to post it here. If you find this post helpful, you may show your appreciation by clicking the "thanks" button.

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