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Diablo (1996/MULTI2/RePack by Sanctuary)
Year : 1996 | PC Game | Eng Rus | Developer : Blizzard Entertainment | Publisher : Blizzard Entertainment | 590.4 MB
Genre : Isometric, Hack'n'Slash, RPG

For miles and miles away, in the kingdom stood tridesyatom hail Tristram. Was small in size, so great was the mystery. Near the city of deep underground, under a maze of catacombs under the so imprisoned spirit was fierce demon. And over the place so there was a monastery, the secret beach.

For a long time or a short - dilapidated monastery, some stones and the walls were ... And then came a hail King Leoric. Glorious was the king, fell in love with his people. And erected on site of the ruins of the monastery church majestic. We are glad to have it.
rejoiced and demon such attention, he sensed an opportunity to escape from prison and began to build the snares. Brought to the archbishop of a nervous breakdown - to frighten into nightmares, and banging a pan terribly Ukhalov. Archbishop of the same, yielding to the will of the demon king punched brain, and he believed that the range of enemies, and he D Artagnan. Came the troubled times and a mess. The king went to war on their neighbors, the Archbishop dragged to the dungeons of the royal son of the demon smiled wider than ... But then he returned from a long travel hero ...
That s saying an end, and who listened to - a march in the catacombs of reptiles hack!

download it here
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